Part 1

You drive me mad.
You’ve got me addicted.
Oh you’re so killed.
I’ve been trying for a many times.
But I can’t stop.
I’ve been strived harder.
But I can’t stop.
You’ve posses me at best.
They think you’re bad thing.
I think you’re best friend.
So obvious that you’re ruined.
I have no idea.
Are you friend or enemy ?

Part 2

Maybe smoking kills.
But surely it got me addicted.
This country owe so much taxation from cigarette.
Cigarette is the best friend when we feel lonely and nobody’s there.
On a rainy day, cigarette will accompany well.
If you haven’t fall for it, please don’t.
If you’ve already, then I know how hard it is for you to stop.

Part 3

you’re my arch enemy
you’ve got me addicted
you’re the meanest killer
maybe tomorrow I’ll die because of u
I’ve been trying so hard for a may times
But I can’t stop
I try as hard as I can’t
when I feel alone and nobody’s there
you’re my best friend
you make me fell warm
when the rain come
But although you’re a killer
you’ve been a part of my life
you’ve posses me at best
One thing for sure, you’re great


2 Responses to “cigarette”

  1. boleh nih di jadiin lirik lagu

  2. gendatgendut Says:

    bisa bisa , buat brb apa si yg engga hahahah

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